Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crochet update

I got bored with the trellis afghan, then went back to the Neapolitan afghan, then got bored with that. I don't seem to have the patience for these long-haul projects that I used to. I did learn that Neapolitan is spelled 'nea' not 'neo' as I'd originally thought, and that there is apparently no traditional order to the pink, white, and brown. While I was image-searching this, I saw a Neapolitan ice-cream sandwich!

I lost my voice today all of a sudden, right after lunch. It's back now, though I'm trying to keep quiet and rest my throat. Don't know if it was laryngitis or what, but not being able to talk is  no fun.

The Hat

Bought this gardening hat at Home Depot. Glued a pale green ribbon on it.
Speaking of gardening, the Herbs in a Can project did not fly. But I can say I tried it. While I was at Home Depot I also bought four succulents, with big lofty goals involving mosaic work and green sand I found at the pet store.

Cabinet Redo

New green shelf paper in the kitchen cabinets, major decluttering, some new colorful dishes.


You can see the little red bird on the porch rail. The cylindrical shape above is the birdfeeder, the birds like to take seeds from it, then set the seed on the porch rail to get the hulls open.

This pic also shows my first attempt at using a caulking gun to replace the line along the back of the brown splashguard there, and the line between the white windowsill and the yellow wall, where the sugar ants were coming in. The caulk has not deterred the ants a whit, they just come in higher up the window screen. Still, it looks a lot nicer, all white and clean and new.

Some pics of Biscuit