Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's a start.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Let's get this show on the road.....

OK, I've posted pictures of my dog, my fish, and flowers from my garden.
I've purchased ice cream and chocolate and yarn and bookmarks shaped like frogs.
I've printed out patterns, joined knitalongs, announced plans, and discussed them at great length on the forums.
I've felted old projects out of the WIP bin.
I've re-organized the yarn shelf. I dusted and mopped the bedroom.
So why aren't I knitting anything?
I don't think I've actually knit a stitch since mid December. I have things I want to make. I just seem to have this weird thing happening where I can't make myself pick up the needles. I'm hereby announcing that this evening at 7:00 pm, I will get my favorite needles, and knit a swatch out of the first yarn I pick up. That's all. Just a little square swatch. I will post it tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


HibiscusHibiscus 5Hibiscus 3

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It came!

Look what the mailman brought! Bordeaux & Sunburst Gold!

Eat More Fruit


I don't know why I bought ice cream when it was so cold yesterday, I was just in the Frozen Food department and it suddenly sounded so good. So pastel, and so... so... peachy.

Still waiting for the yarn to arrive ... maybe today will be the day. Meanwhile, I could be doing another phase of the project with yarn I DO have ..... I keep telling myself to just pick the needles up and get started.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Little Orange Fish

This is one of my 3 bettas ~ Mango. Just wanted to let him show off this morning. :)

There is nothing knitting related to post about today. I am waiting for some yarn to come in the mail that I hope with motivate me. It's not that I don't have projects I want to do... it's the opposite.... I have so many I don't know what to pick up and commit to. Ya know? So of course I need MORE YARN!

Went to see Harry Potter again yesterday (4th time). Had to drive to a new theater to find it, in a little town to the north of here. It was quite the adventure. It used to be all cow pastures out there and now it is like this shiny metropolis with a rather upscale shopping district. I guess I need to get out more. :D

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fruit & Slippers

~~Sweet Little Felted Pear ~~

I'm delighted with how this turned out. Just delighted. It still smells strongly of 'lemonade' and 'lemon-lime' Kool-Aid, both of which are very nice scents; the pink blushes are from sprinkles of an Easter-egg tablet. You know, I knitted and crocheted flat things for a long time.... afghans, cat blankets, scarves, totes, lace .........etc....... before I learned to make things with curves, like animals and flowers and fruits. It's incredibly fascinating to me ~ that you can knit something with a rounded shape. As I was knitting this little pear, I was just, look at that PEAR shape rolling off my needles! I mean, as if it wasn't amazing enough you can make a flat square out of two sticks and a string, you can also make something round and soft and fuzzy.

Pear II

Here's the pattern: PEAR SACHET .... you know, I am so impressed by the people who invent all these wonderful knitting patterns. I would so like to be able to do that one day.

I also felted my fuzzy feet! And they fit! And I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuzzy Feet


Yarn used: Lionbrand Fishermen's Wool

Friday, January 13, 2006

TGIF to You and A Cute Doggie, too!

My sweetie Rosie :)

Today's knitting plans include coloring a pear sachet yellow and green and preparing it for felting, and I can do the Fuzzy Feet at the same time since they're the same colors!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Because he's cute... who could resist those happy eyes? And I have a 10% discount card at the bookstore now. He's a plastic bookmark, I thought he would be appropos for re-reading HP. Besides, doesn't every knitter need a pet frog?

This is just a year for frogs, I guess, my page-a-day calendar is also of frogs. Bought it half-off on New Year's Day. Several hundred amphibians waiting to be discovered... lol. Today we have Agalychnis callidryas, or red-eyed treefrogs. ~~(Goodness, I just remembered that back in elementary school, I had those frogs on a notebook cover.) ~~

I sent off an order for some yarn yesterday so I can make a scarf for my little Harry bear. (The colors are called "Bordeaux" and "Sunburst Gold", which just makes me happy.... surely I'm not the only one who finds the name of a color important in yarn selection?) Anyway, if he's an easy knit, I might actually make a series of bears, with little identifiers.... a witch hat for Hermione-bear ... not sure what would identify a Ron-bear ~ red yarn and a little Quidditch broom? .... a little silk plant for Neville-bear? :D lol...... I need to focus on getting the first one made.

Speaking of HP, this afternoon, I am going back to the theater for a 3rd visit to Hogwarts. I've decided Tuesday's are just going to be my afternoons off. It's discount day at the cinema. :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello Blog!

I have been having a grand time going to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and wearing the Clapotis I made so many months ago for just this occasion. (that is a great shawl to wear to the movies, btw) I thought the movie was just wonderful! I love dragons! :) Just happy to see Harry & Co. again, ... especially Neville, who's near and dear to my heart. This is the first HP movie I've seen on the big screen, too. Very exciting event for me.

I haven't done any knitting in a little while, but now I've got some projects lining up again...
I want to make this adorable little bear from Berroco: Harry Bear....... which reminds me I want to go sign up for the Knit Toy Along .

Since I need some burgundy and gold for the little bear's scarf, I'm planning on making a pair of socks in those colors, too, perhaps even another Clapotis! This site is very helpful for selecting Hogwarts colors and such: