Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Because he's cute... who could resist those happy eyes? And I have a 10% discount card at the bookstore now. He's a plastic bookmark, I thought he would be appropos for re-reading HP. Besides, doesn't every knitter need a pet frog?

This is just a year for frogs, I guess, my page-a-day calendar is also of frogs. Bought it half-off on New Year's Day. Several hundred amphibians waiting to be discovered... lol. Today we have Agalychnis callidryas, or red-eyed treefrogs. ~~(Goodness, I just remembered that back in elementary school, I had those frogs on a notebook cover.) ~~

I sent off an order for some yarn yesterday so I can make a scarf for my little Harry bear. (The colors are called "Bordeaux" and "Sunburst Gold", which just makes me happy.... surely I'm not the only one who finds the name of a color important in yarn selection?) Anyway, if he's an easy knit, I might actually make a series of bears, with little identifiers.... a witch hat for Hermione-bear ... not sure what would identify a Ron-bear ~ red yarn and a little Quidditch broom? .... a little silk plant for Neville-bear? :D lol...... I need to focus on getting the first one made.

Speaking of HP, this afternoon, I am going back to the theater for a 3rd visit to Hogwarts. I've decided Tuesday's are just going to be my afternoons off. It's discount day at the cinema. :)


Megan said...

I sent you an email to join my toy knitalong. I hope you sign up and join the fun!


Horse Power said...

Thank you Megan, I am looking forward to it. :) I have several critters in the works, including some old WIP's I need to finish.