Friday, January 27, 2006

Let's get this show on the road.....

OK, I've posted pictures of my dog, my fish, and flowers from my garden.
I've purchased ice cream and chocolate and yarn and bookmarks shaped like frogs.
I've printed out patterns, joined knitalongs, announced plans, and discussed them at great length on the forums.
I've felted old projects out of the WIP bin.
I've re-organized the yarn shelf. I dusted and mopped the bedroom.
So why aren't I knitting anything?
I don't think I've actually knit a stitch since mid December. I have things I want to make. I just seem to have this weird thing happening where I can't make myself pick up the needles. I'm hereby announcing that this evening at 7:00 pm, I will get my favorite needles, and knit a swatch out of the first yarn I pick up. That's all. Just a little square swatch. I will post it tomorrow.


Leah said...

I get the anti-knitting bug occassionally too!

Have fun swatching! I hope it leads you to something bigger!!

Horse Power said...

Thanks! I did get rolling on something!

sylv said...

It also happens to me sometimes, like I'll have all these projects in the list of course, and I'll be fondling my fav yarns and looking at my mags and books...but just not knitting a thing for a long while!!
Sometimes it's just hard to get started on a new project I guess...!

Horse Power said...

Hi Slyv! I'm sure happy to be back in the knitting mood. :D