Thursday, January 19, 2006

Eat More Fruit


I don't know why I bought ice cream when it was so cold yesterday, I was just in the Frozen Food department and it suddenly sounded so good. So pastel, and so... so... peachy.

Still waiting for the yarn to arrive ... maybe today will be the day. Meanwhile, I could be doing another phase of the project with yarn I DO have ..... I keep telling myself to just pick the needles up and get started.


Leah said...

Hmmm, I always crave ice cream when it's cold! We must not be the only ones as the local DQ was packed last night & it was only 35 degrees here in Atlanta. Maybe the people were there for the burgers but I doubt it!

Horse Power said...

lol... maybe they should do an ad campaign... "It's always a good time of year for ice cream!" Show pink polar bears eating strawberry cones.....