Saturday, November 02, 2013

So much leftover Halloween candy here, we've been eating it for two days! It was a fun holiday, even though we didn't get our papier mache project finished; we were well-stocked with chocolate and I guess that and a working porch light are all you really need!

Made some banana bread in my green Pyrex loaf pan:

Kazoo the betta is doing fine. He's one of those fish who gets really tame, every morning he comes to the side of the bowl and flares his fins, and when I feed him he waits for me to blow the food across the top of the water so he can chase it. Either he enjoys chasing it, or he's just nearsighted, ha.

The TV station stopped airing The Doodlebops here and Saturday mornings are just not the same! I was so hoping they'd air Season 1 this time around - but at least we've still got DVDs.

It's Nov 2nd - and we wish Lisa J. Lennox (Dee Dee Doodle!) a Happy Birthday!

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