Thursday, June 28, 2007

4 Corners Dishcloth

Pattern: "4 Corners Dishcloth"

I had SO much fun knitting this! (Sugar n' Cream in "Strawberry") I didn't know how to do the invisible cast on to start it or the garter graft to finish it, so I just winged both and I think it's fine. It's an ingenious pattern... I believe this is called 'modular' .... once you get used to the pattern you don't need to refer to the instructions for every row and can just knit away happily. I love what it does to the variegated yarn. I definitely want to knit more of these!

I got "Mason Dixon Knitting" from the library today, I've been leafing through that and it looks really promising. There are some good-looking dishcloths! :)

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Abigail said...

Just beautiful! I love the colors.

BTW, I just posted a Garter Stitch graft tutorial on my blog. Maybe that will help:D