Monday, June 25, 2007


I couldn't resist these cute ladybug cupcakes at the store this morning. (chocolate cake with white icing is totally my favorite.)
JUNE162007 270

I also happen to have a ladybug spoonrest in the kitchen (a long-ago ebay find):
JUNE162007 275

and a ladybug keychain:
JUNE162007 292

Rosie has a ladybug collar with a round red tag. (you know you're a dog lover when you buy a matching collar and keychain set!)

The collars are beautiful, very vibrant colors. They're made by:

and I ordered the collar and keychain from:

The super tags, which are also very vibrant, were made by:
(They're "laserdog" on ebay)

She also has the "Ruby" collar with a big purple diamond-shaped tag. I need to get some film for the camera and take some fashion pix of her in the garden in her stylin' collars.

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