Tuesday, December 06, 2005


We might be getting new carpet! I have waited for this moment for ten years. The carpet when we moved here was, shall we say, less than pristine, and we also had a water pipe in the attic leak through the ceiling last month. Because I like to think positively I went ahead and made up one of these cute little tickers. We actually already have the carpet all picked out if we decide to go ahead with it. The color is Almond Bisque. *sigh* Doesn't it sound wonderful?

{editing 12/15 to remove ticker since I decided not to get new carpet yet}

I have been wondering about the logistics of the whole thing. About moving everything out of the office and living room. (the only two areas of the house with carpet) Still, it sounds very exciting. And I mean........ ~*~Almond Bisque~*~. Come on! :D

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