Monday, December 05, 2005

Swan Planters

I mentioned my collection of vintage swan planters in the "100 Things" list, thought I'd put some of them up here on the blog. I bought all my swans on ebay.

Vintage Swan Planter Turquoise Vintage Swan Planter Trio Vintage Swan Planter White Vintage Swan Planter Fancy

The whole thing started because the bathroom has turquoise and white swan wallpaper, and pink tile. It's very 50's! I thought a turquoise swan planter would be a cool accessory, so I typed 'swan planter' in the search box on ebay, and found the swan in the first picture. I thought he was wonderful and started looking for more. All my swans are turquoise, pink, or white. I had lots of fun hunting for them. Most of them were relatively inexpensive.... the cheapest was $1, I think the most expensive was $12, most of them I tried to find at 3 or 4 bucks. Of course, there was shipping on top of that. But the room is so beautiful. All those swans really make me smile.

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