Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cat Shaped Article

I almost passed these by in the cat food aisle, but then the basic shape of the container caught my eye, and I thought that once all the labels were soaked off it would make a cute place to store.... I don't know what... really small stuff.

Cat treats front

See the potential? Assuming I can get the smell of fish, animal products, and various preservatives out of the plastic ... lol.
Cat treats back

Anyway, it's orange and yellow.

Somebody just tell me to go throw it out now.


Leah said...

How about this, if you can't get rid of the smell then throw it out!

Oh & be honest, those treats stink so if you can smell ANY of it toss it!!

Sorry your sock pattern isn't there yet! Hopefully soon!

Horse Power said...

I'm thinking white vinegar...

And I'm still waiting on the pattern. *sigh*