Saturday, April 08, 2006

Plans for Patons

WHERE is my sock pattern? I mean, I know I paid by check, but honestly. I need blog fodder here, people! When the pattern does (eventually) arrive, they will be knit with this yellow:

Unless I decide the green and yellow are just too cute together and should be stripes, and that the butterfly socks should be done in lavender or something.

Other things not on the needles:
the bear series
the crocheted shrug
the spring-cleaning mouse with the little apron :)
the knitted Easter Eggs

Can somebody please come over and cast something on for me.... just to get me started?


Meg said...

Hey, green and gold are the Australian national sports team colours! You could make the socks in both and become an honourary Aussie! (I can teach you the cheer, it's not too hard.)

Horse Power said...

lol ~ Cool! I'm up.

I could NOT get the camera to capture that shade of green, it's called "grass" and is really pretty.

I'm reeeeeally leaning towards stripes.