Monday, November 20, 2006


Still pondering the Thanksgiving menu. Part of me wants to tie on an apron and start making sweet potato pies and ginger cookies and part of me just wants to lay in a supply of frozen pizzas and oreos. We'll see. :)
They are selling Christmas themed tea at the store, I didn't buy any but they looked interesting. I've also found two really good Green Teas - pre-made in bottles - I really should brew my own, since these have sugar added, but they are delicious chilled. We Southeners do love a sweet iced tea.


Leah said...

I could totally do thanksgiving either way. If it weren't for my family celebrations I'd probably do the latter! ;)

Yes, sweet tea is a MUST!

Horse Power said...

Hi Leah! :) Pizza won! We bought it today and are having leftovers tomorrow. I'm delighted. I might still make the yams, though! ;)