Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Lizard on the Inside"

Lizard on the Inside

Closeup of lizard

I did this quick pen sketch for Illo Friday's theme 'clear', but it was too light to show up on my scanner, and barely showed up on the web cam. But I'm posting it anyhow, because I was happy with it, and how often do you get to draw the undersides of a lizard's little sticky toes?


Tj said...

Aw that's awesome! I know, it looks almost unbelievable doesn't it, when you see their tiny little perfect hands sticking to surfaces! Heehee lil things are all over the place in my house... they're harmless though.. and they keep the bugs out.. or in their tummies rather.. A very playful illustration!

Ellen said...

This reminds me of the tree frog we found on our door last year! Perfect fit for the topic!!

Horse Power said...

Thanks tj and ellen! Kind of you to comment! Reptiles and amphibians are so cool... especially the ones that can walk up glass-sliding doors! :D