Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bedside Table

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Illo Friday's theme was "Simple" and I gave myself the additional challenge of making it relate to Harry Potter. The simplest shape I could think of was Harry's glasses, which led to the bedside table idea. You may notice Trevor visiting in the corner, too - he's Neville's pet, not Harry's, but we all know how much he likes to wander around. :) Then because I was on a roll with the toads and the simplicity, I sketched out this:

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Debi said...

I love it, my favorites combined, art, animals & Harry. I like the slash of light on the bed curtains, gives it atmosphere, & all the little beside items, the book & the candy, & the scarf in the drawer, gives it life. Nice work!

steve said...

Love the frog contour-line drawing.

Horse Power said...

Thank you both for the comments!
I had fun with these, toads are such neat little animals.

Leah said...

Wow! Those are really well done! I love the simplicty of the line drawing! He looks so peaceful!

Horse Power said...

Thank you! You KNOW Trevor meditates. :D