Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Purple Bear

Hermione's on hold until I can get to the craft store across town for more yarn. Meanwhile, I saw something adorable on Craftster and decided to make one, too. Here is my cute wee bear:

Lavender Bear

Made out of two strands of sock yarn and #7 needles. Here's the pattern, although I warn you I got two of those annoying popunder things when I clicked there ~ Teddy

I found some nice dark brown wavy yarn in the stash, so the next teddy bear is Neville! I'm hoping to start this morning.


Leah said...

Wow! You are a teddy knitting machine!!

I LOVE the idea of a Neville bear! I've really adored his character development in the last couple of books & his dancing was my favorite part of "The goblet of fire" movie!!

Will we be seeing a Ron Weasley bear anytime soon? He is my absolute favorite of them all!!

Horse Power said...

Neville is my favorite character! I kept going back to see GoF for that Yule Ball, too, did you notice when McGonagall called for dance practice to start that Neville was the first boy brave enough to stand up? (I completely missed that on first viewing) They did a nice job of moving his character forward a bit.

Yep, I want to make a Ron Bear, too, when I go back to Joannne's I will have to look for some suitable red. I'm wondering if I could make him a little Weasley sweater with an R on it - not quite sure how one would go about such a thing. Will have to think about it.