Thursday, February 23, 2006

Errand Day

Bought some pet supplies today, they gave me this huge bag with flamingos on it! I LOVE FLAMINGOS!

Also sent off a mail order for a gorgeous skein of hand-dyed mohair. I've never knit anything with mohair....not even sure what animal it somes from... lol.... but the color was irresistable.
And I found some really cute patterns at the library for some more animals.

I started clearing out the garden yesterday. A neighbor's cat dropped by - literally - he jumped out of a tree next to the garden and startled me! He's really friendly, I don't know his name but he's orange with white feet and has extraordinary orange eyes. We had a fun visit - every time I tossed a weed into the weedpile he would pounce on it! My kitty is an indoor / screened-porch only girl, so it was nice to have some feline company while outside.

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