Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lessons in Blogging

I've figured out some things about the blog:
~ how to post links in the sidebar and in the entries
~ how to make those links open in a separte window
~ how to change/add titles in the sidebar
~ added the lovely moon guide
~ changed the 'blogger' button
~ added pictures
~ how to leave a comment on someone else's blog (was inspired to do that just this morning by a beautiful green scarf on Sandrisuperstar).

I'm still trying to figure out:
~ how to add buttons from other sites
(I uploaded one to my computer, and then to flickr, but then after I pasted it in the template, nothing showed up.)
~ how to get smilies in either the posts or the sidebar
~ get the flickr link to show up on photos I don't blog directly from their site
(I post the html they give me, but it looks different)

I will keep at it. How do other people learn all this stuff? Do they take Blogging 101 somewhere? What little html I've learned came from selling on ebay and an online B&N course. Anyway, it's a start. And I'm having a ball.


sylv said...

Hey, so I KNEW your name reminded me of something (thanks for your comment on my blog)!!!
And you know what ? Still thinking of your beautifull sachets I tried to make some wee bags out of the same lace pattern, (to wrap Bday presents for 4 year-olds in) but it just looked soooo much like a ...huh, williewarmer? that my partner said forget it!
So I guess I'll stick with your sachets idea !

Horse Power said...

LOL! Oh, no! It was a good idea... but it's also good to know when to frog! :D