Friday, June 24, 2005

Smilies :)

I opened a Photobucket account yesterday, and figured out how to use it to add smilies to a post!
As in:
I finished the Harry Potter Book and enjoyed it tremendously, and will be putting Book II on reserve. If I ever figure out how to put in an email link, I will call it "Send Me An Owl!" Image hosted by
I also figured out how to put the Flickr link on the earlier photos after about 2 hours of fiddling with HTML.

I STILL can't figure out how to add buttons. I have them on Photobucket but can't get them to show up in the sidebar with a link back to where they're supposed to go. I'm not giving up, though.

In Crochet News: voting for Stitch Diva's Flower Competition has begun... there were only 15 entries! I meant to enter this but, er, never got around to it. I wanted to put her pretty flower button in the sidebar... but.... er, you know, see above.... so if you want to view the entries you can follow this plain old link: Stitch Diva Flower Competition

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yahaira said...

feel free to ask me how to do it
Im not sure what you are typing, so I dont want to suggest anything and blogger wont let me write html examples here