Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Betta World

Sachi asked in the comments the other day about my fish tanks. Well, I have three 1-gallon tanks for the youngest bettas, and one 2-gallon tank for the oldest and largest betta who's over two years old. I have file-folders between all the tanks so they can't see each other.
Their names are
Fisher ~ turquoise (you can see him in the big tank in the first pic)
Sunny ~ yellow
Mango ~ orange (second pic)
Oberon ~ red ... the new boy on the block :)

Fish Tanks

Kind of gives the effect of a longer tank, but much easier for me to manage. I change their water about once a week.

I get all their water from a PUR filter on my tap, which seems to be working really well for us, plus the usual additives (AmQuell and Stress Coat) and we use Hikari Betta BioGold for food.

I'm glad I live near a really good fish-oriented pet store, all the bettas I've bought from there have been really healthy.

(Oh, and Sachi sounds like she's much more versed in the fish hobby world than me, but if anybody else wanders by who wants to know about bettas, there's a link in my sidebar under "Animals" to Betta Talk, which is a great site. )

So Sachi... what kind of fish do you keep?


Sachi said...

Yay! Fishy pics! I've kept two bettas in my life. One was a gift and the other I rescued from Walmart. One was Sushi and the other was Churchill (up-turned mouth looking like Winston Churchill).

Sushi was in a 10 gallon tank with some albino corydoras (like baby catfish) and a small handfull of neon tetras. Churchill was in the 50 gallon tank and he didn't seem to like it very much. He just failed to thrive. I stocked it full of plants and hidy places but he just was never happy. I guess I can't entirely blame myself because he no doubt was ill from being shipped and kept by Walmart.

Now, I have Powhattan (feeder gold fish) in the 10 gallon alone (he ate the silver-tip tetras) and bronze corydoras in the 50 gallon with a handfull of mixed blood platys and one black neon tetra.

Tip: Don't put silver-tip tetras in with ANY OTHER tetras. They get mean. They killed 5 black neons and now there's only the one poor guy left.

Horse Power said...

Thanks for the tip! I've always admired those neon tetras... didn't know they came in black and silver-tip varieties, too.

I do love albino corydoras and those feeder goldfish are so cute!