Monday, June 05, 2006



Still here, still knitting... Meanwhile, a picture of Oberon. Isn't he grand? I've had him about three months now.

I see my one year Blog-iversay will be on the 20th of this month. I will have to make some cupcakes or something and post a picture of them, heh. (I'm thinking strawberry...)


Sachi said...

Oooooo!!! Tell me about him. Looks like he might be a fan tail. What size tank is he in? Personal experience tells me they don't like 50 gallon tanks. 10 gallon seems to be max and only if you add a couple other fishies.

I'm sorry... is my fish-geekiness showing? *blush*

Horse Power said...

lol... fish-geekiness is good. In fact, I should blush because I don't know if he's a fan tail. I just pick the pretty colors... I know there are different types of bettas, but I don't know how to distinguish them.