Thursday, June 08, 2006

“Sunny” and “Letter Meme”

I found another betta pic in my gallery file, this is Sunny:


And here is the Letter Meme! I was assigned the letter F by Sachi, and here is a list of the ten things I could think of that started with it that were relevant to my life. (if anybody wants to be assigned a letter, leave me a comment!)
Fish: Since I’ve been thinking about them a lot recently. Bettas all the way, baby! If I had the wherewithal for a big filtered aquarium, I would also love to have goldfish and catfish. Sachi mentioned albino corydoras in her comment yesterday, I had a pair of those in a ten gallon aquarium when I was a kid and I loved those little guys so much! They were so much fun to watch. I’m also always enthralled by the big tank of little feeder goldfish every time I go in the pet store, but I know they need filtered water, so I have to just admire them at the store. But they are so mesmerizing. (now I want an aquarium)
French Vanilla: Favorite flavor of coffee. Preferably with a Milano to dip in it. :)
Flowers: Gardening is very important to me.
Frogs: I like frogs and toads…. they’re on my calendar this year.
Fairy Tales: Beauty and the Beast is my favorite one in literature, The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney version because of the artwork.
Fantasy: my favorite genre of fiction.
Forest: favored environment.
Felines: I’ve had four furry felines in my life, all fabulous friends.
Sox ~ My first cat, he was a black and white tuxedo cat, very big and strong.
Plum ~ Our Siamese, she was a tiny little cat with a great big personality!
Middy ~ A motherly black and white cat who got on great with the dogs and mice.
Lily ~ our sweet orange tabby cat, big kitty with a tiny voice, nicknamed “Squeaky”.
Flamingos: I just like ‘em. (I don’t have any plastic ones in the yard, though!)
Florida: Where I live.


Sachi said...

That's great! I've got felines too but I have a tattoo of a frog in a spot that never sees the sun... AND I'm a gardening freak!

Horse Power said...

lol... maybe gardeners have a natural affinity for amphibians! :D