Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl and her nifty instructions for a checkerboard scarf....HERE ...I have cast on this:


It's a kitty blanket. It's actually quite an easy concept but my mind kept wandering yesterday and I kept having to go back and fix where I purled when I should have knitted and where I knitted when I should have purled. But I think I've got it now, and I bought some chocolate at the store this morning which always helps with knitting focus. I was going to wait til it was done to post a pic but I'm just so pleased with the pattern I couldn't wait. I did a 7 row repeat for mine instead of 10, and added a garter border.


Anonymous said...

That's a great pattern it makes - I think I had something like this when I was a baby.
Linked to your blog through I.F.
Made me laugh 'cos I was and still am known as Squirrel too! I am also born in the Chinese year of the Horse.
I'm into crochet - knitting I find far too confusing! So props to you!

Horse Power said...

Hi Hannah! Fellow Squirrel! :)
I crochet as well as knit and love both equally ~ there's a lot of help on the net these days if you want to give knitting another try. Try Stitch Guide and Craftster for tips. (in the text links to left)