Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yarn, Yarn, & More Yarn!

I got the yarn I ordered for the Creatures of the Reef Shawl. I'm trying to be positive about it, but .... er, I haven't come to love it yet. I thought it would be a light sea-foamy aqua with a touch of pink, instead it's about half bright pink and half strong deep blue. I think an intricate lace pattern would be completely lost in this. This morning I dunked the whole lot in blue KoolAid and Easter egg dye, hoping the pink would turn purple. It seemed to work a bit...... until the rinse process, when it all washed away, and now I have a ton of tangled, wet, furry laceweight still in vivid pink and blue, dripping into the utility sink. The sink, ironically, is now a lovely shade of aqua.

To cap it off, the place I wanted to get the pattern from is out of stock for two weeks, and I'm having serious doubts anyway about my ability to deal with circulars, which I hate, and I'm wondering if I should forget the whole project and use some free laceweight pattern off the internet that is plain and simple and just let the colors do the talking.

On a brighter note, I got two other skeins of yarn in the same package that I absolutely adore and can't wait to play with. AND I went to Joanne's moving sale yesterday and bought some LionBrand Fisherman's wool at 30% off, and got 4 yards of fabric for $5 that I intend to use to cover four chair seats. I will have enough left over to make.... get ready .... co-ordinating couch pillows.

I also just finished reading the tome that is Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. Took me nearly 3 days, and an entire bag of chocolate, but it has been read and is waiting to go back to the library. This has been 'the summer of Harry Potter' for me, I had not read any of them before, and have gone through 1-5 since June. I love fantasy novels, and these exceeded all my expectations, and I am really hoping to be able to see the next movie in November, and wear my Mrs.Weasley-esque green and brown Clapotis.

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