Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mice Are Nice

I'm easily amused, I know, but I learned something new about the computer and had to blog about it. I've changed my mouse pointer and various other items into mice! Here's the path that worked on mine: Settings, Control Panel, Mouse, Pointers tab. Now I could either pick a ready-made scheme (mice, reptiles, ocean, nature, to name a few) or choose my own in the Customize box by clicking Browse and selecting them individually. (which is what I did) . So now my pointer is a mouse with a non-moving tail, when it's over a link in my Favorites the tail wags, I have a mouse holding the I beam pointer, and a mouse holding up his paw for "working in background", and yet another nibbling through a giant piece of cheese in lieu of an hourglass. It's magic, I tell ya.

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I rolled the two new skeins of sock yarn into center pull balls ~ they are all ready to knit with! The pink and blue laceweight skeins, however, are still in the laundry room looking like two giant bats of cotton candy. I've got blue Rit dye on the shopping list for tomorrow ~ I'm going to try one more time to change the colorway into something more oceanic.

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