Sunday, August 28, 2005


I discovered some Calimyrna figs for sale at the grocery store, and bought some to try. I've never eaten fresh figs before. Turns out that I still haven't ~ because I couldn't eat them, they were just too weird. I did take some pictures for botanical interest.

The fruits are actually inside-out flowers ~ "inflorescences" (I learned a new word!)

Obligatory Knitting-Blog Knitting Content: ummm...... I'm still working on the zebra. By which I mean it's still on my bedside table and I'm not working on anything else. It's still black and white and it's still stockinette.


veludo said...

i can't believe you've never ate fresh figs!!!
they can look weird as you say (i don't find them weird, i think they're beautiful) but they taste marvelous.
this week a friend gave me some and they didn't last two days around here. i ate them right away.
go and try the figs girl :) !!

ah, i found you blog via hope you don't ming i came here and take a peek.

Horse Power said...

Hi Veludo, delighted you came by and left a comment! (I love finding comments, for some reason it always reminds me of finding Easter Eggs when I was a kid :D )