Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Felting Projects

Felted Eyeglass Case

Picture of an old project: felted eyeglass case with flower, made from Lionbrand Fisherman's wool; the pink trim and flower are Koolaid dyed, the cream part is natural undyed wool. It's crocheted. I threaded a strand of pink yarn between the 'posts' of the double crochet to give that woven ribbon look at the top. It's basically a rectangle with some shell edging on three sides and then sewn nearly in half.

I'm also felting a little knitted rabbit of my own design, dyed appropriately enough with Easter Egg dye. And I felted my Branching Out scarf. Yeah, I don't know why either, I just ended it after 10 repeats, dyed it with Easter Egg Dye and threw it in the washing machine. It's interesting...... I might try embellishing it a bit with embroidery floss or something. If it turns out I will post a pic.

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