Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Doin' the Happy Dance In My Tiger Socks!

I'm ecstatic, in case you couldn't tell. They fit, and they're both the same size (I know the top one looks smaller but that's because of camera angle)
Things I have learned about sock knitting:
1. One sock is only 50% of a pair. Acceptance of this may be the key to my sock knitting happiness.
2. Make lots of legible notes while knitting Sock I, so that it can be easily duplicated.
3. I need a row counter! For pity's sake, why haven't I bought one yet?
4. Casting on for the second one immediately would be a really really good idea.
5. Second Sock Syndrome is real.
6. It is definitely worthwhile to buy the fun and exciting yarn. It's the only thing that kept me going on this thing for the last 20 rows.
7. No matter how tiny the gauge is, if you knit a little every day you WILL eventually reach the toe. Sometimes I wasn't sure.


Leah said...

Yay & congrats!! They look awesome! The stripes are so cool!

So what socks are you going to knit next?

Horse Power said...

Well, when my Butterflies & Blossoms pattern arrives in the mail I want to start those in yellow. And I have some plans for burgundy ones with thin yellow stripes (ya know, Gryff socks :D )
But I think I want to get back to making bears for a little while. I want to play with that mohair!

Lucia said...

One sock is only 50% of a pair...

Seven words, infinite wisdom. How many knitters have pondered this inescapable truth?

Horse Power said...

lol! Maybe I should embroider it on a pillow!