Saturday, March 18, 2006

White Westie


Pattern: Scamp the Dog from Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan

Mine turned out to be a girl, so instead of Scamp, her name is Noelle. The flowers are from the lady's hat in the Little Dumpling Dolls book, though I added some loops around the petals to make them frillier. The leaf pattern was really fun, simple but clever ... and that's the lime green Red Heart yarn I bought the other day. (I knew it would come in useful!) I also added a tongue because it just seemed like she needed one.

I'm thinking Noelle needs a sister named Holly, done in black yarn, with appropriate embellishments on her collar.


Leah said...

EEEK! She is adorable!!!

littlehedgehog said...

aww look at the cute little doggie with my name :) koochie koochie koo My sister's name is Nicole but that usually ends up confusing people.

Horse Power said...

Thanks, gals, she was super easy to make ~ garter stitch all the way!