Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good Together Sunday

I'm delighted to have been tagged for a meme from Leah ~ I will post that tomorrow! :D

In sock news: I managed to drop a dpn off the side of the bed, where it landed on a curved piece of paper, rolled down said paper like a skateboard ramp, and shot off under my desk. It is not a moveable sort of desk, so some time today I have to get my Swiffer and try to retrieve it. That may lead to general floor mopping, who knows?

This pic isn't from this morning, this morning I am having oatmeal and juice like a sensible person. But I remember it fondly.


Leah said...

I'm glad you will be doing the meme! I really love to see others answers to those!

On a side note I LOVE those peanut butter eggs. Possibly the best candy in the world! YUM!

Oh & your sock is looking great!

Horse Power said...

They are quite possibly the best candy in the world, yes. I almost said that very thing in my post! But then I started thinking about Hershey kisses and decided it might be a tie. But oh gosh, I do look forward to these peanut butter eggs every year. :D