Saturday, October 15, 2005

The '100 Things' Meme (updated)

1. I love animals.
2. My favorite hobbies are knitting, crocheting, mosaic, and paper crafts.
3. The first sweater I ever knitted was Knitty's Sonnet.
4. I enjoy shopping on Etsy and by mail-order.
5. I like stamps. Every month when I send out the billing I try to make sure everyone gets an interesting stamp.
6. I have a great sense of time, but not direction.
7. I'm good with names, but not faces.
8. I remember the names of people's pets.
9. I am partially blind in one eye due to macular degeneration, which happened when I was thirty-five.
10. I had laser surgery in that eye for the condition, they gave me a drug that meant I couldn't get sunlight on myself for five days. I went out every night and visited my garden by moonlight.
11. I enjoyed the first 3 seasons of BTVS. Oz and Willow were my favorite characters.
12. I write fiction.
13. I hate the mall, and shopping for clothes.
14. I enjoy the dog park.
15. I don't wear much makeup. I use the money I save on yarn and tiles.
16. I dream a lot, sometimes in animation.
17. I've been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years, except that I do eat fish. I won't use leather or fur or silk or feathers, but I do use wool.
18. The most wonderful place I ever visited where I instantly felt at home was a big petting zoo at a county fair. They had gigantic horses, and all different kinds of goats and sheep.
19. I read Harry Potter Volumes 1 through 5 in the summer of 2005, all for the first time.
20. The house is pretty well organized, but sometimes cluttered, because I am a crafter, and a sentimental saver.
21. I've been to Curacao, TN and GA, but not anywhere recently. I'm a homebody.
22. I now reside in the same Florida county where I was born.
23. I’d like to see Normandy, France, and Monet’s Gardens at Givernchy.
24. I'm an introvert.
25. I've never been to a concert.
26. I have no tattoos, but if I did, it would be a small curvy green lizard on the back of my right shoulder.
27. I like to draw, so I would design my own.
28. I’d kind of like to have pierced ears, but not enough to actually go do it. (update: did this a couple years ago for my 40th birthday.)
29. I can't remember phone number sequences without writing them down even if I am two steps from the phone. Otherwise I have a great memory.
30. I try to pay attention to spelling and grammar, and be careful about using 'their' 'they're' and 'there', or 'its' and 'it's'. I'm really liberal about punctuation, though.
31. I can never remember whether 'nonplussed' means calm or freaked out. (It means freaked out.) (I think.)
32. I'm a bit OCD about germs and wash my hands frequently.
33. I find cooking stressful.
34. I like to watch for vintage decor and fashions when I watch old TV shows. Like when you see green paper towels in a kitchen. When was the last time you saw a green paper towel?
35. I can usually get pretty close with guessing the year of origin in music and movies.
36. My favorite cuisines are Mexican, Italian, Greek, and Chinese.
37. My favorite genre of books is Fantasy.
38. I have been a passenger on a motorcycle.
39. I know a little Latin, and would love to know more.
40. I think Gaelic is interesting, too, but I can only remember a couple words.
41. 4 things I have seen on TV that made me laugh until I literally cried: the scene in Fawlty Towers where Basil beats his car with a branch, the scene in Fawlty Towers at the end of the episode about the rat, when Basil has finally fainted and Manuel is dragging him through the dining room, the scene in the movie The Burbs where Tom Hanks gets off a gurney, flings it in the back of an ambulance, throws himself on it and rolls to the back, and a real life video clip from America's Funniest Animals where a woman was trying to get a calm but utterly uncooperative cat into a cat carrier, turning him every which way including upside down - all of which he accepts gracefully, and yet, inexplicably, still manages not to go in the carrier.
42. I always wear skirts. I do not own a pair of jeans.
43. I usually have very long hair, and it's usually in a ponytail.
44. I donated a ponytail to Locks of Love.
45. One of my favorite picture books as a child was Peaky Beaky.
46. I'm afraid of spiders but don't harm them.
47. I'm not afraid of snakes. Which is a good thing, because an Indigo snake slid over my head once when I was lying on the porch. Indigo snakes are very beautiful.
48. When I was a child, Christmas tree lights were my favorite decoration. Actually, they still are.
49. I’m an organic gardener.
50. I always wanted to raise earthworms. (update: tried this... let's just say it wasn't a long project)
51. My favorite flowers are marigolds, zinnias, impatiens, and roses.
52. I love the smell of wet, brushed, marigold leaves on the old-fashioned species.
53. Squirrels are welcome at my birdfeeders.
54. I miss finding giant Lubber grasshoppers in the garden; they were beautiful and friendly. Haven’t seen one in years.
55. I love finding frogs and toads in the garden.
56. One of my favorite memories of when I was young was a canoe trip down the Econolahatchee river.
57. I don’t drink soda.
58. I avoid anything with corn syrup in it.
59. I do well on standardized tests.
60. I’ve seen a Roseate Spoonbill in the wild.
61. We used to live in a place that witnessed the annual mass migration of blue crabs. We’d find them everywhere in the yard.
62. Green is my favorite color.
63. I sleep with the bathroom light on.
64. I'm an extreme channel surfer. I'm often watching two or three shows at once.
65. I will not listen to radio commercials or DJ's.
66. I hate coffee. (editing 4/11/06: I USED to hate coffee, but I've acquired a taste for it, now. Sort of. )
67. I must have a CD playing when I drive.
68. One of my favorite possessions is my cow creamer, because I secretly wanted one for years, and then one day I just went out and bought myself one.
69. I use the mouse with my left hand even though I'm right-handed.
70. I get migraines.
71. My favorite flavor of ice cream is a mixture of one quarter chocolate and three quarters vanilla. I also like mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough.
72. My favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s was Bovinity Divinity. (BRING IT BACK!)
73. I like milling around the hardware store looking for craft ideas and gardening supplies.
74. I use a timer shaped like a lemon for my laundry, otherwise I forget and leave it in the machine.
75. My kitchen timer is shaped like a pear. I have another one shaped like a cow that moos instead of dings, but it needs batteries.
76. I’m trying to learn to use a drop spindle, but it’s taking longer than I thought.
77. Favorite books are Lord of the Rings, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Harry Potter. I’ve read a lot of other fantastic fantasy books in my life but right now I can’t think of the names.
78. I loved the original three Star Wars movies, but hated the newer ones.
79. My favorite character was Han Solo.
80. My favorite candy in the Hershey Miniatures bag is the Krackle bars.
81. I’m a vegetarian and allergic to smoke, so you can see why the popularity of the BBQ eludes me.
82. I like crosswords, but not if they’re too hard or too easy. They have to be just right. (update: can't do crosswords any more! too small!)
83. I collected vintage swan planters until I had just the right number, and then I stopped.
84. I like to knit while listening to music.
85. My ideal kitchen would have all-white appliances and cupboards, lime green walls, and a fruit & veggie theme.
86. I have a poster of eggplants in the kitchen from 10 Speed Press.
87. My favorite yarn is Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool because it smells softly sheepy, and you can dye it any color you want with Koolaid.
88. I always wanted to be a shepherdess.
89. The art of dyeing with plant materials fascinates me, but I haven't tried it yet.
90. Favorite pizza toppings are black olives, green bell peppers, and onion.
91. I hold doors for people and appreciate the same.
92. My ‘specialty dish’ is key lime pie.
93. I like making cupcakes more than I like making sheet cakes.
94. My favorite perfume is Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop, but I never wear perfume.
95. I love Coldplay.
96. When I was a kid I collected animal figurines.
97. My idea of a great dinner would be fried fish, french fries, and iced tea.
98. I hold a fondness for 80’s pop culture.
99. I’ve had cats, dogs, rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, fish, cockatiels, turtles, hermit crabs, and newts for pets. (currently have a little fox terrier mix, delight of my life!)
100. My animals are my children.

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