Sunday, October 16, 2005

WIP's Progressing

It took me so long to do that 100 things list ~ I started it in Word about 4 months ago and just added things here and there as I thought of them. I always like reading these lists on people's blogs, and it's interesting how some people say that they were able to write it out really quickly and others say it took them a long time or they couldn't come up with them all. It's a long list!

I finished crocheting the octopus! But I still have to go to the craft store for stuffing. Meanwhile, since this is going to be a heavily embellished octopus, I still have a lot of sewing-on of objects to do.

I also finished Clue #1 on the Mystery Shawl last night! So good to be making some progress on this stack of WIP's, I tell ya. I'm going to try to do that bit of blog-magic where you take a picture, and then hover over it with the mouse and get another picture. First I have to find the directions, and then take some photos.

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