Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Craft Store & Pet Shop

I have been unbelievably tired lately, but still managed to get to a class this morning and then go get stuffing at the craft store! Hurray! I've got WIPs everywhere that just need stuffing and finishing, so hopefully I will have lots of FO pics soon. After the craft store I went next door to the pet store ~ I'm still trying to find some moss rocks for Mango and Sunny. The guy in the fish dept. assured me (again) that they will special order some for me and that it won't be much longer now. I've been hearing this for several weeks, but this time he actually wrote something in an order book, so.... maybe soon. Mango and Sunny are so cute, and have such different personalities. Sunny is mellow, Mango is fiesty. And they are so small! Fisher almost seems like a carp compared to them. :) lol. Fisher is also a calm sort of fish. All three of them are quite sociable and come over to visit when I talk to them. (The tanks are placed so they can't see each other, so they don't get riled up.)

Every time I go to a pet store these days, I go by and visit the rodents. I've been yearning to have rodents in my life again for quite awhile now. Today I saw the most adorable hairless rats, they were a lovely light color.... lavender, almost. So very sweet. I can't stop thinking about them. All my dear little rats have been of the furred variety, I wonder what it is like to pet a hairless one? They look so soft. I've been doing some reading tonight on the net about their special needs and requirements. A lot to consider. Gosh, they were just so cute.

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