Monday, October 10, 2005

Hello Blog!

I'm so happy to have my blog back! It disappeared for a while there, but I contacted Blogger and they fixed it very quickly and I am grateful. I've grown quite fond of my little blog.

I have so many things going on in the yarn basket~

I bought some black Rit dye and dyed some yarn black for tiger stripes... it came out a deep charcoal greyish black instead of jet black, because I got impatient about waiting for the dye to soak in, but I like it. I think my tiger will be quite unique. At the moment I'm thinking of making him 2D and felted, rather than 3D and unfelted. Or I might be making 2 tigers.

I started a crocheted octopus.

I'm making a tesselated fish blanket for my cat.

I'm thisclose to buying yet another crochet booklet..... this one has an alligator in it I really like. I'm in Florida, I need a stuffed alligator.

I want to make the crochet frog and the hippo from HERE. I need the frog because I'm a knitter, and the hippo because....... well, who doesn't need a hippo?

I want to make the VEGETABLES from Magknits.

Have a scarf project planned and stash yarn picked out for when my crochet booklet comes.

Still need to finish the rabbit.

AND my beautiful computer is now downloading PDF's so I can catch up on the Mystery Shawl Along 2!!! I cast on with the blue and purple laceweight this afternoon and am up to about Row 10.

I got so excited about being able to get PDF's again that I also dashed off to the Interweave Press site to get these exquisite little HEART SACHETS that I've been eyeing for months.

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