Saturday, October 22, 2005

Decisions Decisions

I have a whole craftin' Saturday afternoon available to me, what to do? Finish the seal? Felt the pumpkin? Embellish the octopus? Advance to Clue 2 on the Mystery Shawl? Or shall I toss the whole basket of WIP's to the side and start making one of these nifty crocheted balls ~

The symetry of the pattern is intriguing to me, and besides, they're just ... well ... neat!

I also want make some hammocks for the new rats (who, by the way, are seriously adorable) so I might bring out the sewing machine and some fabric and see if I can make something ratworthy.

I also need to go to the library soon and pick up the two knitting books that came in. (You know, so I can start more projects!) The books are Simple Knits with a Twist (for the retro poodle, of course, I'm thinking something in a light turquoise with a collar made of vintage jewelry....) and Knitting on the Edge.

Man, it's one o'clock already and I'm on the computer?? See ya later.......

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