Monday, October 24, 2005

I Can Knit Socks!

Woo-hoo! It's a sock! Well, it's Knitty's Training Sock. It's a sock-like object.Point is, it has A CUFF. And A TURNED HEEL. And a TOE. It has gussets, people.
I started this this morning during hurricane Wilma. Decided it would be good to have something to focus on. Next thing I know I'm knitting a cute little sock.

We are fine. The power stayed on, despite a fair bit of flickering, although the TV and internet were off much of the day. There is also a huge tree mostly down in the backyard, I am sad it has fallen. The squirrels loved it. I'm hoping it will grow back. Funny thing ~ Sunday it was summer, Monday a hurricane went through, and now it is winter. It's going to be in the 40's tonight!


sylv said...

Godd to hear you're fine. And too bad for the tree, it's always sad.

I also did the Knitty training sock, was a good tut, and now I want to make some for myself too. Loove the colors of yours (the rasberry one I mean), plus they must be comfy with the low ankle !

Horse Power said...

Thank you, Sylv.

The sock IS comfy, and warm ~ I wore it to bed last night ~ good incentive to finish the other one :D
The second sock has already been cast on and is well on its way to having a cuff.