Friday, September 09, 2005

Blossom the Zebra

Meet Blossom the Zebra!

Zebra overall

Basic pattern is from 'World of Knitted Toys' by Kath Dalmeny, but I changed the mane, tail, and coat pattern, and gave her a leaf and flower garland (stitched on). I used the magic-ball technique shown here in previous post which I can't say I'd ever want to do again, way too much work making the yarn and keeping the front tidy. Surely there's a black & white ombre yarn out there somewhere already made?? I used worsted acrylic andUS 8 needles, which made her pretty big. (11 " tall x 20" long) (Please Note: I didn't make this as a children's toy.)

Zebra closeup

I used every last wisp of stuffing in the house finishing her yesterday but we made it! I'm just delighted with her. I love World of Knitted Toys, it's the only knitting book I've ever purchased. (because I kept checking it out of the library so much!)

Added bonus: while I was taking pictures of the zebra, my betta decided to be photogenic. IRL he's a light turquoise color.


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