Tuesday, September 06, 2005

An Upgrade

I'm upgrading my YU button over in the sidebar to Wool. Why? Because I have been on a Image hosted by Photobucket.comand have not purchased any new yarn, patterns, or supplies in quite awhile. Weeks and weeks. I still have plenty of yarn, and plenty of WIPs, to keep me entertained.

The zebra continues ~ I'm almost finished with the second set of legs, and then it will just need seaming and stuffing, and a mane and tail. (BTW, I am not planning to EVER do another magic-ball project! It takes so LOOONG .... tying all those knots!)

I also decided to use my purple laceweight to make a different project, (a free one off the net: HERE ) but first I have to roll (by hand) a couple zillion feet of sticky laceweight that went through two dye-baths and a line-drying, and that is probably going to take longer to do than knitting the actual shawl. (This must be why knit-bloggers talk about pets and gardening so much!) When I have an actual FO to show, I will put up a pic!

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