Thursday, September 22, 2005


I bought another betta today! Image hosted by He's a lovely pale yellow, and his name is Sunny. (No picture yet because he's new and acclimating.) He must be quite young, he's a lot smaller than Fisher. Fisher lives in my office, but little Sunny will be residing in my room on a small table. If you have any interest in bettas, the link to Betta Talk in my sidebar is quite informative, here's a link to the section on Betta Care, in particular, bringing them home ~ HERE. I have one of those little PUR water filter things on my tap, which seems to be doing a good job for us, and I always prepare the water in advance. I did forget to ask if they had any of those moss rocks available, I will have to go back later and get him one. Fisher looooves his moss rock.

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