Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Purple Planter

The zebra ~ all four legs are officially knitted! I'm working on the two cute little ears today.

Meanwhile, a picture from Spring ~ a mosaic planter made from "Metropolitan" pattern tiles, glass, and purple grout. Housing impatiens, one of my top five favorite flowers.

Mosaic Purple Planter

Oh, and btw, I had to add the word verification feature to the Comments. I didn't want to 'cuz I always have a "what if I can't decipher the secret code?" moment with those things, you know, like at the opthamologist's when you aren't quite sure if it says "l n "or "h". But it beats looking at those stupid spam ads.


Dreamspinner said...

Looking forward to seeing complete zebra. I like the mosaic pot.
I am learning to knit, but I'm mainly a crochet person.

Horse Power said...

Thanks! I had fun making the pot, the purple grout was unusual.
Zebra should be done soon!
I learned crochet first, too ~ I like doing both.

sylv said...

love all your mosaics !!
and the word verification doesn't seem too bad on blogger, seen it twice and could decipher it easy. Spam comments suck !!!

Horse Power said...

Thanks Sylv!
Yeah, I'm really glad that Blogger is offering this option.