Saturday, September 24, 2005


Well, I've done a great deal of fiddling about with the sidebar over there, adding rings and fanlistings, and now, for some bizarre reason, all my post titles and dates are center-aligned, and so is the text of most (but not all) of the past posts. Weird. I am too tired to play with it any more today. The only way I can figure this html stuff out is to try something, and hit 'preview', over and over, until it works. I like the 'clear edits' button a lot, too.

I am avoiding the knitting. I don't know why, but right now I don't want to knit, or study, or watch TV, or clean the house. Pretty much all I want to do is become a betta hobbiest and blog. Maybe blog about bettas. I did make another key lime pie ~ that counts as housework, yes?

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get myself up early and go to Lowe's, so I can stock up on some 3-packs of PUR filter cartridges. Cuz you know if I become a Betta Hobbiest, I'm gonna need good water......

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