Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No Tiger Yarn Today

Hmm, I may have been confused.... yesterday's link may have been the original opal tiger sock yarn, which may be different from the new rainforest collection's tiger sock yarn. I don't know. I just spent a very frustrating time trying to find a place to order the (new) tiger sock yarn - (yeah, I know, I said I wasn't going to, and then I tried to, and now I've given up and I'm back to the DIY koolaid plan) - I get very annoyed when online yarn shops won't accept your order without a telephone number. I don't give my phone number out, period. There's no reason why they can't contact me by email, if indeed they should have to contact me at all. So by the time I scratched off places that insisted on my phone number as a required field, places that only accepted credit cards, places that only accepted paypal, and places out of the country that have high shipping costs, I am out of prospects for this particular yarn. Oh, well. Where's the koolaid?

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