Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Bunny Begins

Knit Bunny

I'm in progress on the bunny. I've made the 3 pieces for the head .... this is the first animal I've put together that calls for 3 pieces like this, 2 sides which I had to 'mirror shape' and then the center section that goes down the middle. I'm kind of intimidated about trying to stitch these narrow curling pieces together, so I haven't touched the project in days. Usually I make all the pieces first and then seam last, but I think I'd better go ahead and try to make the complete head so I will have the confidence to continue. Ears are next.... those should be easy, lol.

This bunny will be a girl, so I'm modifying the overalls into a little dress. I'm making the whole project out of LB Fishermen's Wool, the rabbit herself will stay the natural cream color, and I will dye the dress when it's done. Maybe pale green and orange.... you know.... carrot colors? :)

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