Friday, September 23, 2005

Pink Poodle

Pink Poodle
I bought this today. I don't know why, exactly, maybe because I have been on the Image hosted by a really long time and this sort of looked like a sheep dyed with koolaid. (Maybe I should buy some yarn.) Admit it, though........ it's really cute!

Besides this, I also picked up a couple of those mini books from a sale bin, I've always wanted to try that "altered book" craft. This way I can try one out in a small format and see how it goes. I should have plenty of materials from my ATC supplies.

Knitting news: um, not so much. I am planning to make some progress on the rabbit this weekend.

Brenda from Close to my Heart answered my meme tag! Thanks, Brenda! Image hosted by


~Leanne~ said...

i have to admit....IT IS!

Horse Power said...

I almost managed to resist it, but I had to go back to the bookstore again the next day and buy it.