Saturday, July 23, 2005


Butterfly ATC's

I received my cards from the Butterfly ATC swap and they are all so gorgeous .... but I don't think I can post a pic of other people's cards. So here at least are the ones I sent. They're 3-D if you fold the wings out. I enjoyed using the brightly colored posterboard, I almost needed sunglasses, lol. I like doing these swaps, but the cards take a lot of time to make, I already missed this month's Bronze, but still might manage August's Time.

Knitting Knews: I am still working on Clapotis II, but have wandered off for a minute to try making a stitch called Dragon Skin. Neither of my swatches turned out looking like the photo, though, so I will have to make more swatches until I find a yarn that shows off the pattern. At least it is easier to make than Branching Out.

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