Sunday, July 31, 2005

Clapotis I

I am so determined to finish Clapotis II in time to post about it tomorrow that I'm posting about Clapotis I today. She is my white clapotis. She was made quite awhile ago, during the Clapotis Knitalong on Craftster. She is acrylic, made from Bernat Baby, Sportweight. She is long.... 7 feet! I used #10 US needles, which, together with the sportweight, accounts for the size. The yarn is crinkly and wrapped with nylon, which made delightful-looking ladders. The pictures don't really show it, but the yarn is a dazzling bright white. I think she is quite elegant.


Clapotis Stitch Markers


littlehedgehog said...

Ooh I've never seen a white clapotis I bet it's so soft!

Horse Power said...

Yes, it's a nice yarn, and it drapes nicely, too. Plus the whole project cost under $10. :)